SOLARCON Solar Controller Repair

Solarcon is a solar controller repair business which specializes in the repair of most Heliotrope General and Independent Energy products. 
Also available are several types of solar sensors, and Sunspool/HG Spool drain down valve o-ring and check ball kits. Heliotrope General has closed their doors forever in Spring Valley CA after a tragic fire back on January 11, 2000. Heliotrope Pool is also out of business as well. As a former employee with over 17 years of FACTORY EXPERIENCE in repairing the multitude of often confusing variations of controllers, I am pleased to be the authority for repair of products manufactured by the former Heliotrope General.
REPAIR IS ALWAYS THE MOST COST EFFECTIVE OPTION for your defective solar controller. A new replacement pool controller is especially expensive and runs well over $200.00. For example, I repair the HM-4000A, B, C, or D versions for only $65.00. We can also repair many Independent Energy (Goldline) controllers including the C-35 and popular C-30. Please call or email for other manufacturer's controllers.

Solarcon offers flat rate repair fees. These flat rates include all parts and labor. Return shipping on most controllers is $7.25 to $13.50, usually by Priority Mail 2-3 day service. My average turnaround time is 2-3 working days. Some components that are not bad but sometimes fail with age are routinely replaced also at no extra charge to extend the life of the controller.

DTT-84/94                                                                       Temp Trak II



The most common failure in the drain down valve is a continual leaking out of the drain tube while in the drain mode or position. This is caused by either the check ball inside port #4 failing, or a leaking O-ring. The most common cause by far is a failure of the check ball. Unfortunately there is no way to determine which of these is at fault without replacing the O-rings and/or check ball assembly. Solarcon sells O-ring kits and check ball kits on our "Flo-Verter & Drain Down" page. Please click on the page link above. We do not have any other parts for, nor do we repair the drain down valve.












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